Aldi skips fruit and vegetable deliveries by air –

Aldi skips fruit and vegetable deliveries by air –

Aldi customers will no longer find fruit or vegetables delivered by air on the stalls of the major distributor in Switzerland. In a press release, the group says it has thus completed the transition to sustainable sourcing.

By forgoing the use of fruit and vegetables by air, the company, whose sites have already been operating in a climate-neutral way since 2017, is further reducing its carbon footprint, writes Aldi in a press release.

The quantity of goods imported by air has already dropped considerably in recent years. The affected items have been replaced one after the other with alternatives whose transport is more sustainable.

Still strawberries out of season

In the same vein, the major distributor recalls the action undertaken since last year in favor of local and seasonal production. It limits advertising for strawberries only to the period of their harvest in Switzerland. The Swiss retailer not only helps the country’s berry growers but also encourages consumers to value the seasons, Aldi points out.

He does not go so far as to remove out-of-season strawberries from his offer. “We always adapt our assortment to the needs and demands of our customers. And since there is a demand for strawberries outside the Swiss strawberry season, we continue to offer them,” said Kevin Keller, from the press department. from Aldi Switzerland.


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