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Alexandra Lamy sculptural in a swimsuit, her start to the year in “paradise”

Alexandra Lamy sculptural in a swimsuit, her start to the year in “paradise”

Alexandra Lamy is enjoying a sunny holiday in Mauritius. Radiant, the actress did not fail to share her daily life.

No snow or lower temperature for Alexandra Lamy. Instead, the 51-year-old actress headed to Mauritius for a few days of blissful sunshine. In the closet the down jackets and hats. To take advantage of this heavenly stay, the actress took her summer outfits out of her closet.

Warmly welcomed upon arrival, Chloe Jouannet’s mother (25) put on a bathing suit and sunglasses before enjoying the surroundings. Fine sand, turquoise water, tropical sun and blue sky… It was in a dream setting that Alexandra Lamy had her breakfast. Smiling and visibly lulled by the landscape, the star of “a boy and a girl“has multiplied the poses under the coconut trees, displaying her model physique.

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Alexandra Lamy during her vacation in Mauritius, at Lux Resorts.

© Instagram Story by Alexandra Lamy

Ice cream in hand, Audrey Lamy’s sister also took the time to meet the chef of the Lux Grand Baie Resort, the hotel in which she is staying. Under the supervision of the cook, the former wife of Jean Dujardincooks, started decorating pastries. “Privileged moment with Marie Meunier. A big thank you!”, she wrote in the caption of her publication. A moment of sharing which visibly delighted the mother.

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