Alexandre Astier finally reveals the outlines of his future series on the Beast of Gévaudan

Alexandre Astier finally reveals the outlines of his future series on the Beast of Gévaudan

While he is currently preparing the second part of his trilogy Kaamelott, Alexandre Astier don’t forget his other projects, including one on the Beast of Gevaudan, of which he gave many details.

A project that takes shape

If the name of Alexandre Astier is often linked to that of his series Kaamelott, we must not forget that the director-screenwriter-actor-musician from Lyon has other strings to his bow. His passion for music and for space led him to write two shows, That remains my joy ! (on Jean-Sebastien Bach) and The Exoconference (on the extraterrestrial question); about his animated films Asterix and the Domain of the Gods and Asterix and the Secret of the Magic Potion were obviously motivated by his love for the work of Goscinny and Uderzo.

Several months ago, we dedicated a file on the various projects that Alexandre Astier has discussed over the years. And one of them seems particularly close to his heart: the one concerning the Beast of Gévaudan. In 2018, during an interview with OCS, Astier confided that he wanted to deal with this news item in a very personal way. On October 17, 2022, on the occasion of La Veillée at the Tristan Bernard Theater (Paris), Astier returned to his report to the Beast of Gévaudan. He explained in particular that, as a child, he went to Gévaudan to visit his paternal great-grandmother, who told him of the time when his own grandfather had been chased by a wolf. A family anecdote at the origin of his passion for the Beast.

During his intervention during the Vigil, Alexandre Astier talked about his project to write a mini-series on the Beast.

I did a lot of research, I bothered a whole lot of consultants, specialists on everything: zoologists, ethologists, wolf specialists, dog specialists, rabies specialists, Gévaudan, Versailles specialists, Louis XV specialists of course, travel specialists at that time, and then the departmental archives of Gard, Lozère, Ardèche, everywhere. And I said to myself: I must write something about the Beast of Gevaudan. It’s still crazy stuff, this Beast of Gévaudan. So I said to myself, I will write a series, definitely. A mini-series, five, six, seven episodes, I don’t know.

When we know that Alexandre Astier saw his fame explode with the series Kaamelottone can only be intrigued by this potential mini-series. Especially since Astier did more than mention it: he took the opportunity to deliver the outlines. Thereby, we learn that the main character of this series (who could be interpreted by Alexandre Astier in person) is none other than François Antoinechiefly known for supposedly slaying the Beast of Gevaudan on September 21, 1765 (although this feat of arms was later disputed to him).

I decked him out, with a little author’s license, with a fear of the dark. I gave him the antidote for the fear of the dark, I had done a little research, in the form of laudanum, liquid opium. Because I said to myself: as long as he is in Versailles, he will fight his fear of the dark with this drug, but when we send him to Gévaudan, he will no longer be able to get supplies there, he will be forced to face the Beast of Gévaudan in the middle of weaning, with nothing, to fight his fear of the dark.

To understand the effects of laudanum, Alexandre Astier saw a specialist, but we prefer to let you discover this hilarious interview by watching the video of La Veillée. Nevertheless, connoisseurs of Kaamelott will undoubtedly find a common point between François Antoine and King Arthur, who are both afraid of the dark. A fear that Alexandre Astier has.

Be careful though: for the time being, Astier is focusing above all on the cinematographic trilogy. Kaamelott. It is not impossible that his series project changes again. Whatever, we greatly hope that Astier will carry out his mini-series project, because he clearly made our mouths water. Not you ? And to discover this new project, in connection with Karadoc, and which will be released in January, It’s here that it happens.

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