Alice Pol reveals the memory of a “terrible” filming in the Vosges (VIDEO)

Alice Pol reveals the memory of a “terrible” filming in the Vosges (VIDEO)

On the set of Telematin this Saturday, January 21, Alice Pol told the underside of a “terrible” filming that she experienced while she was in the middle of the night and in the cold!

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Alice Pol was this Saturday, January 21 the guest of Telematin on France 2. The 40-year-old actress is a promotion that you are filming A small miracle by Sophie Bourdre whose poster she shares with Eddy Mitchell and Jonathan Zaccaï and in which she plays Juliette, a teacher. The film hits theaters this Wednesday, January 25. If the shooting of this film seems to have gone smoothly, this has not always been the case for Alice Pol, who seems to have only good memories in front of the camera!

Alice Pol “in underwear at 3 a.m.”: “You can’t even articulate anymore”

Faced with Damien Thévenot, Alice Pol revealed the underside of a shoot that took place in the Vosges and in the cold. The young lady, revealed in crazy raid (2016) and superchondria (2014)keep a memory “appalling” : I was in my underwear at 3 a.m.hanging on a tree. You can’t even articulate anymore”she confessed. With this statement, Alice Pol alludes to the shooting of the film The Adventure of the Daisiesby Pierre Coré released in 2020 and in which she shared the bill with Clovis Cornillac. They respectively played Aunt Alice and Laurent.

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A life far from Paris for Alice Pol

A talented but discreet actress, Alice Pol seems to lead a life far from media overexposure. A decision that even pushed her to move away from the capital, as she explained in an interview with Gala last Thursday, January 19: “I had to live in Paris for work. But when my career took off, I preferred to escape. Today, I have two lives and two wardrobes, that of the capital where I stay at the hotel, where I have appointments. And the one in the South where I live relatively isolated and where I mainly wear practical clothes for tinkering and taking care of my animals – two dogs, five goats, three of which I took in through an association, two sheep and two cats, one of which I adopted because it was abandoned during confinement. I love this discrepancy.”she confided.

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