Alicia (Married at first sight) opens up about the day she learned of her sister’s death

Alicia (Married at first sight) opens up about the day she learned of her sister’s death

The former candidate of Married at first sight, who had lived a romance with Bruno, confided in the coma of which she was the victim and on the way in which she learned of the death of her sister.

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On June 20, viewers of Married at first sight attended the assessment of one of the leading couples of the sixth season of the M6 ​​show. We found there indeed Alicia and Bruno, who had matched more than 80%and who had agreed to get married without ever having met. The results were then very positive for the couple.since they then planned to start a family while leaving time to get to know each other.

The doctors had refused to admit to him the death of his sister

A beautiful story that obscured Alicia’s difficult past. Because the young woman had told on the show that she had been the victim of a serious road accident on Christmas Day. An accident that had then plunged her into a coma, but also caused the death of his sister. For the podcast The hazardshe returned to the two dramas of her life and in particular to the fact that when she was still in the hospital, the medical profession did not inform her immediately of her death: “Compared to my sister, I was told ‘no, but she is in hospital’, because I was too fragile to know. They didn’t want me to know.” It was by calling her mother from her room that she learned that her sister had died in the accident: “It’s from there that everything collapses for me, it’s from the moment when I was told ‘your sister is no longer there’ that I asked myself what I was going to do with my life.

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“My sister was like my twin”

This disappearance was difficult: “my sister was like my twin, it was me and my sister against the rest of the world,she confides, “They started to put me on anti-depressants because I still had a vital prognosis (…) from there, it was a free fall, it was very hard for me to see a future.” This ordeal, she decided to make it one of her strengths and to continue to live despite the sadness. Of her experience in a coma, she explains “believing in souls” and to have “acquired an increasingly strong spirituality over the years” : “I feel that sometimes my sister is there, I feel her at times that she is really present, when I am in the car.” She then recounts having described in great detail his rehabilitation in a newspaper : “I needed to clear my head.”

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