Alyssa Milano announces bad news for the continuation of the series (PHOTO)

Alyssa Milano announces bad news for the continuation of the series (PHOTO)

Following Madame is served was initially on track, but if Alyssa Milano’s latest update is to be believed, the series won’t be hitting our screens anytime soon!

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Madame is served is one of the cult sitcoms of the 80s! The first four seasons are also available on Salto, the opportunity to find the friendly Tony Danza in the role of Tony Micelli, an Italian-American widower who leaves Brooklyn to offer a better life to his daughter Samantha, played by the very young Alyssa Milano at the time. Angela Bower, played by Judith Lighta wealthy businesswoman who lives with her son Jonathan (Danny Pintauro), also always makes us laugh so much, especially during the scenes in which his character gives the answer to that of Tony. In 2020, the beautiful Alyssa Milano – who turned 50 in December 2022 – announced the return of the flagship series of the 1980s. In November 2022, the return of Madame is served was even in a rather advanced stage. The script was just waiting for confirmation from Freevee Amazon, so Alyssa Milano promised to give new information soon. On this December 30, 2022, they fell and unfortunately are not very good!

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Madame is served : why the sequel to the series still promises to be delayed

Alyssa Milano, who is set to reprise the role of Samantha thirty years later, just gave an update on the project on Twitter. The actress seen in Charm explains that the AmazonFreevee platform has read the proposed scenario well but wishes to see more scripts before giving the green light to production… Unable to remain blocked, Alyssa will therefore accept other proposals while waiting for the project to be officially launched .

Madame is served : what can we expect for the future?

The new series will focus on the adult father-daughter relationship between the character of Alyssa Milano (Samantha) and Tony Danza (Tony). She is now a single mother herself, but it is not yet clear what the nature of their relationship will be. This new season, on the other hand, will be held without Katherine Helmond, memorable in the role of Mona Robinson, whimsical mother of Angela, who died in 2019. While waiting to learn more, here’s something to remind you of how the series ended!

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