Amandine Pellissard converted into pornography, her son responds honestly to his career change

Amandine Pellissard converted into pornography, her son responds honestly to his career change

After disputes with the production of TF1, Amandine Pellissard converted into pornography aroused strong reactions. She was best known in the famous show Families and Larges, which is family entertainment. However, given the discord between the couple and TF1, Amandine and her husband changed careers in a surprising way.

Amandine Pellissard converted into pornography

Amandine Pellissard is a reality TV star. If the program Families large, life in XXL has not been unanimous, it is for a reason. Viewers felt that the parents of this show were exposing their children to make money. The principle of the issue being simple, families with many children display their daily life and allow themselves to be filmed from morning to evening.

Amandine Pellissard and her husband have decided to stop the show because of certain conditions that are far too demanding in the production of TF1. Then, Amandine Pellissard had to find a new business and she started by opening a MYM account. The latter is an adult-oriented platform with exclusive paid charm content.

His son responds honestly to his career change

Judged by Internet users and viewers for her career change, Amandine Pellissard decided to respond. The majority of criticism is based on her children and the reality star decided to respond to all these allegations in her own way.

During an Instagram story, Amandine Pellissard asked her son Leo if he was ashamed of his mother. The teenager replied in the negative and then he replied to his mother when she asked him if he loved her. A raw and direct way to dot the i’s.

A choice assumed until the end, under certain conditions

Cyril Hanouna has decided to invite the couple of Alexandre and Amandine Pellissard on TPMP. The couple claimed that they were fully in charge of their career change and were not accountable to anyone.

Amandine Pellissard and her MYM account have already accumulated quite a few subscribers. Its popularity exploded with this intrusion into the world of pornography. However, the mother of the family has her own rules, she only makes love to her husband and no one else touches her except him.

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