Amandine Pellissard responds to rumors about her private life

Amandine Pellissard responds to rumors about her private life

This Wednesday, December 28, 2022, Amandine Pellissard put an end to the rumors that were circulating about her couple, insinuating that she would have left her husband for a woman.

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Constant rumors. Amandine Pellissard, known for a few years thanks to reality TV Large families: life in XXLhad to make a small adjustment, in this festive period. The mum-of-eight, who is also well-followed on social media, has been the target of gossip about her relationship with Alexandre. Those who like to criticize the couple on the internet did not hesitate to speak of separation between the lovebirds. Some are even convinced to know that one of the two would have already rebuilt his life… Suspicions that were impossible to ignore!

We believe that you left with a woman

Amandine Pellissard therefore reacted in a story, published on Instagram this Wednesday, December 28, 2022. She appears there alongside the one whose life she has shared for almost 15 years now: “We give you little news, it’s been a long time since it happened. And suddenly as soon as you don’t hear from me for a few days, we think you’ve gone off with a woman, or that you’re getting divorced… That’s it, no news, good news, already basic“, she began, as Alexander nodded in approval.

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Of course we’re still together

The mother of the family then continued to restore the truth: “But above all, to reassure the most worried: no, I did not leave my darling for a woman. Of course we are still together and we will always be together. More in love than ever. No offense to some“, and Amandine Pellissard to respond to those who judge her choice to have registered on a platform offering intimate content: “And yes, we have content and we are very happy with it. We, it suits us perfectly. We are in 2022, I believe that everyone is free to do what they want and above all I believe that we must keep in mind that the freedom of some ends where that of others begins. So, we respect the choices of others and then we shut our mouths…. We don’t care“, she assumed proudly.

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