Ambre Dol (big family) lost weight since her first pregnancy, talks about her weight

Ambre Dol (big family) lost weight since her first pregnancy, talks about her weight

This Friday, January 20, Ambre Dol (Big families: life in XXL) shared her photo from her twenties in her Instagram story. An opportunity for her to confide in her weight back then compared to what it is today.

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Ambre Dol agreed to open the door to her daily life, as well as Alexandre’s and their children’s, for the cameras Big families: life in XXL. What to discover the background of their blended family, as well as her daily life as a mother with a hectic pace of life, at home and at work. Although she no longer appears on screen, the nurse and volunteer firefighter is still very active on social media where she often posts her news. So Netizens revealed that she is divorcing Alexandre just one year after the wedding. a break which caused many changes in his life as well as in that of his children.

Thinner than when she was 20 years old

Ambre Dol has changed a lot since her appearance in Big families: life in XXL. What’s more, he’s not shy about revealing photos that date back long before television. This was especially the case this Friday, January 20. Aleksandr’s ex-girlfriend shared a video from when she was 20 years old. An opportunity for her to discover her appearance and her physical transformation. “I must have been 20 years old in this photo, I got a lot of messages asking me how I lost weight… Ben, I got pregnant and threw up a lot… For Jade, I was in nursing school and did not interrupt my studies. I finally gained two kilos for pregnancy. Since then I have always been fine”, she explained. However, the influencer wanted to send a positive message to her subscribers because she added: “We all have different temperaments and we are unequal in that…I would like to have more curves, others would like to have less weight… You are all beautiful.”

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Worrying weight loss

Ever since she broke up with Alexandre, netizens have been searching social media for Ambre Dol. If some men allowed themselves to woo her, the mother’s recent weight loss has generated a lot of talk. After receiving a message from a subscriber accusing her of losing too much weight, she decided to make an update: “I take the time to discuss and explain that this can hurt. I’m not making fun of this subscriber, but I want to explain to you that through this screen you have a man with his story, his doubts and wounds. Words thrown in this way, in a virtual exchange, can also be misinterpreted“. A few days earlier, Ambre Dol wanted to soothe her physical transformation.”Regarding my weight loss: some people tell me with good intentions that I need to bulk up, and others tell me that it’s horrible and that I lost too much weight.. I completely agree with you. My body needs to be recharged. But I’m solid, don’t worry! Me too, I think I’m too thin. It makes me a little complex, but I know it will only last for a while!” she assured. At least that has the merit of being clear.

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