Amouranth reveals this amazing secret to breaking into Twitch

Amouranth reveals this amazing secret to breaking into Twitch

Very popular on Tic but also on social networks as well as on top only fans, Amouranth is a controversial personality. Regardless, the streamer continues his journey and even advises those who would like to follow in his footsteps.

Amouranth, the streamer with 6 million followers

Recently freed from the grip of her abusive husbandin his own words and although many Internet users believe in a made-up story, Amouranth decided to change course by modifying the content it offers on Twitch. Focusing on more and more gaming and fewer and fewer Hot Tubs, Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa continues on her merry way and surpassed 6 million followers on the streaming platform.

This success obviously earned it monopolization of attention, and the young woman is regularly invited to podcasts and other television shows. It was during one of them that Amouranth was recently asked about the secret of her success. The opportunity for her to speak about young streamers who decide to try their luck through advice we didn’t expect.

“Don’t start with Twitch”

It’s during the show Behind the screenbroadcast on the Fox 26 Houston TV channel and of which she was the main guest, thatAmouranth spoke about her experience as a successful streamer on Twitch. When asked if she has any advice to help new streamers get started, she simply urges not to get started. without prior work aimed at creating a community.

In fact, don’t start on Twitch. I think if you want to get started, you have to have followers who come from somewhere, because Twitch doesn’t really allow discovery on its own platform. TikTok is a great place, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. On all these [plateformes]it’s much easier to get started. Then you can have your fans come watch you on Twitch.

– Amouranth

The entire interview with Amouranth is available above in English, but we will especially remember this lesson: according to the young woman, Breaking into the world of streaming is hard enough to try to go blind.

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