An alleged victim of Norman Thavaud comes out of silence in TPMP (VIDEO)

An alleged victim of Norman Thavaud comes out of silence in TPMP (VIDEO)

The Norman Thavaud affair has probably not finished talking. On Monday, December 5, the star YouTuber’s custody “for rape and corruption of a minor” made headlines. Extended this Tuesday, December 6, police custody was lifted “for further investigation” in the evening according to information given by the Paris prosecutor’s office to AFP. No prosecution has been initiated at this stage against the 35-year-old videographer and comedian. The preliminary investigation by the Minors Protection Brigade follows the six complaints filed by young women. Among them, five accuse the comedian of rape. Two of the complainants were minors at the time of the alleged facts. Many of them evoke “unhealthy games of emotional attachment”.

This Thursday, December 8, Cyril Hanouna received in Do not touch My TV Selma, one of the plaintiffs. She spoke of her exchanges with the man who made himself known by publishing his videos on Dailymotion, first within the Le Velcrou trio in 2008. She was then 14 years old when she began a friendly virtual relationship which quickly slipped by inappropriate requests. “I sent naked photos because he asked me all the time and I didn’t want to know. I was young and I was too fan of him” she remembered.

The Youtubeur would have for his part played with a grip to encourage the teenager to send him always more: “Do you want to piss me off?” he would say to Selma. Eager not to lose the link with the videographer of which she is a fan, the teenager complied: “I sent him topless photos because he said to me: ‘Ah yes, you’re cheating on me, I’m shirtless and you’re not’. It was like that all the time.” she related. “He knew anyway that we were all a fan of him. He used the same modus operandi for everyone”added Selma who wanted her testimony to serve as a prevention for young people who are approached by celebrities.


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