an unexpected confession from her husband Maxime Chattam at the end of his latest book

an unexpected confession from her husband Maxime Chattam at the end of his latest book

For Faustine Bollaert, as well as for Maxime Chattam, family is the most important thing. Happy parents Abbie and Peter, presenter and writer are also more in love than ever. On November 3, it is with great joy that the leader of It starts today rushed to the bookstore to discover her husband’s latest novel on the shelves, Predator constancy. As often in his books, the author has inserted a small thought for his wife and their children at the end of his manuscript. “Sometimes my wife reads a chapter I’ve just written and stares at me in silence for a few seconds. I know she wonders what’s going on in my head to have such ideas”first written by Maxime Chattam in acknowledgments for his book.

Following his thanks, Maxime Chattam gave a rare and amusing insider’s words about his two children… who don’t know much about his business. “They think I just write ‘scary books’. the writer confided. Let them still hug me when I leave the office, when I look a little out of place.” Aware that he had inadvertently lied to Peter and Abbie, Faustina Bollaert’s husband then turned to the people who read his books, asking for their precious help: “Dear readers, dear (…)


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