Ana de Armas dreads viral circulation of Blonde nude scenes

Ana de Armas dreads viral circulation of Blonde nude scenes

Ana de Armas is going to camp Marilyn Monroe in Blond on Netflix. AFP

A few days before the film’s release on Netflix, the main actress shares her fears and apprehensions with an American magazine.

It is the Netflix film that will create the event: Blond the biopic dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, available from this Wednesday, September 28 on the video platform. To embody the icon of the 20th century, Ana de Armas was chosen. But in a recent interview with the American magazine Variety the 34-year-old Cuban-Spanish actress shares her concerns about nudity scenes.

I know what will go viral, and it’s disgusting. It’s heartbreaking just to think about it“, confides the star revealed in the last james bond with Daniel Craig. “I can’t control it, and no one can in fact“, she continues, regretting that these images can be”taken out of context“.

Prohibited for children under 17

Directed by Andrew Dominik and premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2022, Blond dwells on the life of Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s and 1960s, sweeping away the excesses of all kinds of the actress, sex, drugs, alcohol and depression. In the cast of this drama of more than two hours: Adrien Brody in particular, in the skin of the playwright Arthur Miller. In the United States, the feature film will be prohibited for children under 17.

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