Anaïsa’s house hosted “Au Tour du Livre”

Anaïsa’s house hosted “Au Tour du Livre”

The comradely complicity for the exercise of associative democracy was renewed at the guesthouse “Anaïs” where Christine Gauriau welcomed the members and friends of Magali Charron who presides over “Au Tour du Livre”.

With a report on the work and a moral report on the 4th book fair organized at the Hôtel de Journet, an edition sponsored by Gilles Vincent, the author of the thriller, and in this case the winner of the Francis James Award. This 2022 edition is marked by growing success in visiting authors and readers, new or strengthened partnerships (local authorities, retailers, schools, etc.) and events including a competition based on the “Loup en underpants” albums.

50 authors and publishers

As many as fifty authors and publishers, including twenty newcomers, held a stand in the space organized between the Campet-Larmitou room and the aforementioned wooded salons, marking the paths of visitors to the fair. There were more than four hundred readers who had to discover or return to meet the authors and illustrators. Among the initiatives will no doubt be repeated.

Cooperation with the collective “Agriculture and Society” for thematic conferences, with this year’s “Does hunger justify the means?” it extends to the reflection of citizens in the environment and the rural environment that is part of the Val d’Adour at an international level. Speakers at the event, under the auspices of the Agrobiosciences – INRAE ​​mission (Antoine Bernard De Raymond, sociologist and Marine Raffray, agroeconomist in the permanent assembly of agricultural chambers) enchanted a gathering of about a hundred people from the agricultural and rural world.

Finally, thanks to the Magali Charron team, literary cafes in welcoming public places, Gilles Vincent at Le Bigourdan bar and Jean-Baptiste Maudet at the “Oh Mazette” tea room, give a new and acclaimed friendliness.

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