Anatole Latuile Volume 16 is finally here!

Anatole Latuile Volume 16 is finally here!

Anatole Latuile is a hero that is liked by children and adults alike! Olivier Muller, Anne Didier and Clément Devaux illuminate this beginning of the year with the 16th volume of the legendary saga.

Beasts and nonsense (BD Kids) is the name of this new opus. Chamallo, La déprime d’Ulysse, Bijou… are three of the 11 stories that make up a very good collection of this new album.

Every time, hilarious effect guaranteed, we laugh and would love to be part of Anatole’s group of friends, especially when Mr. Auzaguet bans any item related to the cult series Statruc!

Once again, Anatole lets the good kids do stupid things through authority and we love it!
Anatole Latuile, the king of nonsense, these are comics, entertainment, escape game… moreover, if you pass through Angoulême during the festival, you can meet the actors who work to diversify these crazy adventures!

About Volume 16: When Mr. Auzaguet decides to ban any subject in school related to their favorite Startruc series, Anatole and his friends will have to double their imaginations to have fun! Fortunately, there are always a few unexpected companions who accompany Anatole in his foolishness… A royal python, chickens that have become chickens and even the feet of a chamois, when Anatole has a project in mind, nothing stops him!
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