André Manoukian falls on the set of France has an incredible talent 2022 (VIDEO)

André Manoukian falls on the set of France has an incredible talent 2022 (VIDEO)

André Manoukian, guest juror of France has an unbelievable talent season 17, made a sensational debut during the second semi-final broadcast this Tuesday, December 6 on M6. A rather impressive fall that we invite you to discover in preview.

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More fear than harm ! This Tuesday, December 6, 2022, M6 offers a second evening devoted to the semi-final of France has an unbelievable talent. During the broadcast, 13 participants completed a second lap to seduce the jury and thus win one of the 4 remaining places for the final stage. Like every season, two special guests come to support the usual jurors: after the comedian Kyan Khojandi last week it was the turn ofAndre Manoukian to lend a hand to Eric Anthony, Helene Segara, Marianne James and Samy sugar. But as soon as he arrived on the set, the pianist gives a good scare to his acolytes and to the public!

Marianne James to André Manoukian: “Didn’t you hurt yourself too much?”

At the start of the show, Karine Le Marchand presents the personality who will join the jury for the evening as “a kind of hairy icing on the cake”. André Manoukian then appears behind the huge wall of screens and to the applause of the public. After kissing the presenter’s hand, the musician goes to join his place near the four jurors. But when settling down, he misses a step and collapses to the ground. Jury members and security came to his aid immediately. “You didn’t hurt yourself too much?“, asks Marianne James to her sidekick. Finally, André Manoukian gets up with a smile and without any scratches as you can see in the excerpt that we reveal to you in preview, at the top of the article.

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Candidates already qualified for the final of France has incredible talent 2022

On December 20, thirteen candidates will still be eligible for the title of Incredible Talent 2022. For now, five of them have received the Golden Buzzer from the jury, avoiding them the semi-finals: ryanthe piano prodigy; Alexis Couvelaerethe coachbuilder singer; Enzothe aerial hoop expert; the group of acrobats Circus Baobab and Evgenya, member of the group Antigravity Show. During the first semi-final, on November 29, four other artists reached the final: the woman-orchestra OriliaMarco Tempest and the Dronisos with their drone acts, the Articulated Duo contortionists as well asOscar and Tifany Gonzálezthe salsa dancing twins. What other contestants will they face in the show’s grand finale? Answer this Tuesday, December 6!

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