André Provencher launches the book “I am a 72-year-old mother”

André Provencher launches the book “I am a 72-year-old mother”

Andre Provencher (ex-Gesca, -TVA network) launches the book I am 72 years old mom, in which he questions ageism in the professional world and society in general. He moves on to his own experience, and especially to passages of his professional life which, in his case, did not follow the normal curve of years.

So, at the age of 72, he decided to become an entrepreneur, thus defying all the orders of the business world. Taken in the context of the pandemic and the pernicious isolation of the elderly, this decision stems from the author’s reflections on the cause-and-effect relationships between age and social and human valorization.

Employee with 12 years, leave at 17, CEO at 28, student at 33, senior executive at 45, father at 47, intrapreneur at 51, marathon runner at 65, young-old at 72, his timeline is unique. In fact, age has little effect on him. His path was traced with the influence of multiple mentors who enabled him to acquire his share of managerial and strategic skills. “I didn’t like school,” he confides, explaining the use of his models on the way to a busy and quite fruitful career in the media field. He first found an example of effort, courage and determination in his parents, in a family of ten children, in which he was the second. As a teenager, he felt that he had somewhat betrayed accepted family values ​​by leaving school.

For this reason, the author does not claim a race of self made men. The strong and constantly renewed presence of a mentor in his professional environment further explains his progress and his survival in the face of inevitable crises of doubt and self-confidence. The questions have intensified again thanks to the pandemic, which has contributed to accelerated generational profiling and bitterness towards the elderly. “Have I become too old to still deserve an honorable place in working life?”, he asks himself then, marked by a pandemic air. With his work, the author is responsible for himself, wanting a wider awareness of social dangers related to age discrimination in all aspects of common life.

Andre Provencher he has held senior management positions in the field of media, including VAT networkwhere he was in charge of all programming, and on gesca (then owner the newspaper), as president-editor of the daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste etc Sunthe founder of the company at the time TV Press, Editions of La Presse etc Gesca editions. Recognized as a creative content strategist, business developer and internationalization expert, he still acts as an advisor to business people seeking to grow and influence their business abroad. Originally a journalist, he signed his first book here with Art Globalthe publishing house he bought in 2021.

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