Angelica (Les Mamans) returns with emotion to her slump alone with her daughter Stella

Angelica (Les Mamans) returns with emotion to her slump alone with her daughter Stella

Separated from her companion Tony for several weeks, Angelica (Les Mamans) is struggling to regain her appetite. She explains on her social networks.

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Since his time on the small screen – in the 6ter show The mothers –, Angelica has fascinated Internet users. In addition to having a very endearing personality, the 28-year-old young woman has hidden nothing of her daily life, and especially of his tumultuous love stories. A few weeks ago, she officially announced her breakup with Tonythe father of her little boy, Giulio. “Tony and I are over. And for good this time. (…) I suspect he is having an affair with the person I no longer speak to”did she have declared on his TikTok account.

“I’m having trouble regaining weight, it’s a bit complicated”

This isn’t the first time Angelica has suffered a difficult breakup. Two years ago, Giulio’s mother separated from the man with whom she had her daughter Stella, now 5 years old. “I often think back to what happened two years ago. You have followed everything, this upheaval in my life. I found myself overnight alone with the children. There was panic on board, I was in pain, I was no longer eating. As you all know, when I’m not well, I no longer eat and therefore I lose weight. Currently, I’m struggling to regain weight, it’s a bit complicated“, she confessed to her subscribers, this Monday, December 12.

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“He didn’t want to see her again”

If cordial exchanges are possible with Tony – Giulio’s dad –, unfortunately, with little Stella’s father, it’s a completely different story. By giving an interview to our colleagues from the magazine Parents in 2019, Angelica confided in the absence of the young man of Italian origin. “I found out about my pregnancy when I was 23. […] I told my parents […] and the future dad did not seem ready to invest in this pregnancy. When I told him, this man, an Italian, joined me for a few weeks. He promised to come back, but he never did.she explained. But despite the love and support of her loved ones, when her daughter blew out her first candle, Angelica felt the need to try her luck again! “I went to Italy to introduce her to her biological father. […] It was important for me to propose to him to have a relationship with her […]. He saw her for a few hours, but didn’t want to see her again.r“, she confided. From now on, we better understand the “special link” which unites the young mother to her little girl!

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