Anisha (Star Academy) trapped by Patrick Fiori, her look of distress at Julien speaks volumes (photo)

Anisha (Star Academy) trapped by Patrick Fiori, her look of distress at Julien speaks volumes (photo)

Even if Anisha was trapped this evening by Patrick Fiori, who imposed a very difficult song on her, a song with voice that the artist sang in duet with Florent Pagny. But she would be convinced to return to the castle with Julien with whom she is nominated. One look says it all.

The 22-year-old singer is from Sannois in Val-d’Oise and the Île-de-France region. And his entry into the Star Academy, she sees it as a dream.

I had difficult living conditions in my childhood and participating in this competition is a little revenge. “Music has a huge place in my life, added the management student who obtained her baccalaureate at 16 years old. She makes me feel good. “I am very anxious, but here I am jumping into the void. I want to carry a message. And I have a double challenge: to live permanently with people and to be in the light. “.

And tonight, with Patrick Fiori, she rubs shoulders with one of the best with the title “I’m going”, which the coach of The Voice Kids sings in duet with Florent Pagny.
The two artists embark fans in search of the child in us, which always guides our steps. This powerful and moving song was composed by Patrick Fiori, and appears in the album “Un air de famille”.

Anisha is struggling and during rehearsals, it looks like she was screaming, said a user.

“I don’t like the song that was chosen for Anisha, the duet with Patrick Fiori, I feel like she’s screaming!! “, is it commented on Twitter.
But Anisha, despite this little trap from Patrick Fiori, is convinced that she is saved tonight. During the prime, she gave Julien a look of distress, which said a lot. But, they could get away with it.

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