Anisha: this great absent from the thanks of the winner of the Star Academy

Anisha: this great absent from the thanks of the winner of the Star Academy

It’s been a week since Anisha entered the Star Academy legend. To celebrate this moment, the young woman posted a long post of thanks on Instagram, but it is impossible not to notice that a name is missing…

On November 26, Anisha won the trophy of the star academy, winning 57% of the vote, leaving only crumbs to Enola his adversary yet winning data on social networks. As soon as he arrived in the reboot of the star academyon October 15, the candidate from Madagascar had shown that she was a serious contender for victory. His extreme benevolence with regard to his comrades in the adventure, his application, his seriousness in rehearsals, and his vocal performances on set allowed Anisha to break through, without too much difficulty, a way to the final. His sensitive recovery of Alleluia of Leonard Cohen and his moving interpretation of the French version of Winner takes all from ABBA did the rest.

No offense to Jean-Pascaleternal interpreter of theStirrerAnisha is now on the highway to success. The one who won a contract with Sony Music can be very proud of her and her career. On Instagram this December 3, the pretty brunette who got a little makeover, unveiled a long message of thanks for those who made this experience an unforgettable adventure.

A week after her victory Anisha still on her little cloud

“It was already a week ago… And I would like to say THANK YOU again and also how much I am grateful and so honored. I had one prayer and one dream: SHARE… And LOVE above all, as I say ‘I am a soul who would like to touch other souls’. Through this adventure I was able to realize this dream through music. I learned, I discovered myself, I surpassed myself“, wrote the young woman. I confess that I already miss all thisbut since the release, I am also living a new adventure. And I’m happy that many of you are still following me. I would never have imagined or dreamed everything that is happening to me today, but I always had this hope that after all these storms the weather would one day come.

Equal to herself Anisha did not fail to greet her comrades “marvellous” and “talented” as well as the teaching staff of the star academy, and the “superb” team. However, it is impossible not to notice that an important name is missing, that of the show’s emblematic host, Nikos Aliagas. A simple oversight no doubt…

To read Anisha’s full message, it’s this way !

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