Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine leaves “C à vous”, this handsome PAF kid who replaces her!

Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine leaves “C à vous”, this handsome PAF kid who replaces her!

First created by Alessandra Sublet then hosted by Anne-Sophie Lapix, the program “C à vous” on France 5 has always had great audiences from 7 p.m. thanks to a warm concept welcoming its guests from cultural news around ‘a dinner. It is since 2017 that the smiling Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine occupies the main role of host of this access-prime-time, she who has long been relegated to the background, as a columnist. This was particularly the case alongside Marc-Olivier Fogiel, with whom she collaborated on television and radio, in “We can’t please everyone” on France 3, or even for “You prevent everyone to sleep” on M6. She then went to Canal + as an acolyte of Samuel Etienne then of Bruce Toussaint for “L’Emission Spéciale” to finally collaborate with a certain Ali Baddou in “La Nouvelle Edition”. After arriving on France 5, it took five years for the journalist, now 52, ​​to finally become the owner of the talk show which competes directly with “Daily” on TMC and “TPMP” on C8.

“I zapped straight away!” could we read on Twitter

A position she has long dreamed of and that she does not seem ready to leave! His good mood, his humor, his many blunders and his laughter have definitely won over a large audience to this day, very loyal to this daily 7 p.m. meeting.

But when “Babette” doesn’t show up… it’s almost a tragedy! This Friday, November 4, the fans of the show have not found the usual presenter of the program, replaced by his former colleague… Ali Baddou! Having become his friend since their Canal + years, the host is today Anne-Elizabeth’s joker as soon as the latter has to be absent for personal or professional reasons. Like this Monday 1is February 2021 where he declared at the start of the program: “A big salute to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, who is in the midst of preparing the Grand Exchiquier”. Or, more recently, on Wednesday April 6, where the journalist had greeted her colleague who was exceptionally absent and whom he had replaced at short notice. But the choice of this replacement had really not convinced everyone! And on Twitter, we could read many testimonies denouncing the political positions of Ali Baddou: “When Ali Baddou replaces Babette in C à vous, we immediately feel the impartial guy who cites as a source (release) as if this newspaper could still serve as a separate reference for gaucho sores like him. C à vous stinks tonight with Ali Baddou. He is only looking for stuff against the President, nothing will be spared him. I zapped straight away”, “I am watching C à vous hosted by Ali Baddou. This guy is reeking of anti macronism”, could we find in the spring on the social network. But don’t worry… “You’ll find Babette on Monday” 7 November!

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