Anne-Laure Sibon (Star Academy) separated from his wife: she left her for another (ZAPTV)

Anne-Laure Sibon (Star Academy) separated from his wife: she left her for another (ZAPTV)

Invited on the set of TPMP People, Anne-Laure Sibon, former candidate emblematic of the Star Academy, has agreed to reveal the reasons for his breakup with his ex-wife Olivia, with whom she had been living in great love for several years.

Anne-Laure Sibon was convinced of this, his wife Olivia was the woman of his life. In a relationship for several years, the two women took the plunge in 2019 by getting marriedthey who had even founded a tennis academy together. In the show The new life of reality TV stars broadcast in September 2021 on TFX, the former contestant of the second season of Star Academy had come back to her relationship with Olivia, whom she has known since childhood thanks to the tennis world. After losing contact with the tennis teacher for several years, Anne-Laure Sibon had finally left everything in the Canary Islands, where she had settled, to follow his future wife in the South West of France.

This comfortable life that I could have, this job of which I was so proud, and for which I fought, for which I worked, was worth nothing next to the happiness I felt. And so the decision, it was just obvious. She’s my soul mate, she’s my double, I can’t imagine living without her for a moment“, she had confided at the time. However, on December 23, Anne-Laure had explained to her subscribers her long absence on social networks, confirming his split with Olivia without revealing the reasons.

“I could never have imagined that life would take me anywhere else”

Guest on the set of TPMP People this Saturday, January 7, Anne-Laure Sibon has agreed to open up about her divorceadmitting that it was her who made the decision to leave Olivia after meeting another woman. “The bond is still very strong. I never could have imagined that life would take me somewhere else. It happened like this. I thought I was super happy, I had the house of my dreams, a life that suited me. It was stronger than anything, love took me somewhere else“, she explained.

Now settled near Montpellier with his new companion, the 30-something claimed that she and the new love of her life were never apart. “We are inseparable. It’s not the time that counts, it’s the passionit’s what we live, it’s the present moment. We are at peace today with Olivia, she’s fine, she met someone, She is very happy. And me it’s funny, Since I know she’s fine, it freed me“, she concluded. All’s well that ends well.

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