Announced as a banger for Bigflo & Oli, this piece flopped

Announced as a banger for Bigflo & Oli, this piece flopped

Seven months after the release of their album The Others are Us, Bigflo & Oli confided in the potential predictions of the successes of their singles which can be misleading.

“We thought it was a banger”

Bigflo confided in the success of certain singles highlighted in his latest opus: The Others are us. The Toulouse artist admitted that he was able to predict certain returns for certain titles, such as those of Holy Brothel. Sometimes the feedback can seem quite surprising, whether positive or negative. As for negative feedback, My friends favorite sound is quoted directly by the two artists.

This title that the two Toulouse brothers thought was a banger did not work as well as expected. Bigflo returned to the composition of the song : “ We did the music video for the whole summer tour, we were really into it. In addition it is a sound that raps. Often, we are told: “Bigflo and Oli, you don’t rap enough », there, we said to ourselves « We release the clip”, and it does not even make 2 million. It’s a little flop, while we thought it was a banger. Today, the clip has 2.3 million views, which is about the average view of the two rappers’ clips on their channel. Youtube.

In the category of positive surprises, the title Getting old (featuring Julien Doré) surprisingly worked, contrary to what Bigflo & Oli thought. The eldest of the duo had even warned Oli: ” Don’t expect it to take too much, because it’s a bit “weird” and cardboard delirium “. If he confirms his talents as a rapper, Bigflo should not embark on clairvoyance. Nowadays, Getting old is the track with the most streams on their latest album.

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