Annoying discomfort on the set of La Semaine des 4 Julie for Silvi Tourigny

Annoying discomfort on the set of La Semaine des 4 Julie for Silvi Tourigny

Silvi Tourigny regularly visits the set of The week of the 4 Julies in the skin of her character of Carole helps her neighbour.

Wednesday evening, she offered her happy new year wishes to the host and her guests.

She threw in a few good lines, but one of her jokes didn’t elicit any laughter, not even from the host, who is usually very generous in her reactions.

Carole indicated that it was important to have good by-products during a show since it is with these that the artists make money.

Jerseys from your show, coffee mugs from your show, crayons from your show, or air fryers from your show. I know air fryers crawl less well than sweaters, but sweaters can’t make garlic breads “, she launched.

A silence of a few seconds resonated in the studio and the host had to verbalize the obvious: “ It wasn’t her best, huh, Carole! »

No, don’t go if you tell them “, replied the comedian who could not help but burst out laughing. ” 2023 raw part “.

Paul Piché seemed completely overwhelmed by this phlegmatic character dressed in a beige turtleneck and brown pants.

Where did he pick up? To concentrate said Silvi Tourigny to herself. ” I don’t even know where I was anymore. »

Julie Snyder helped her get back on track, and she finished her column, her face a little redder than when she started.

An embarrassing moment for her, but rather funny for viewers.

It must be said that we love the interventions of Carole helps her neighbor, whether she makes good or less good jokes.

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