Anthony Combrexelle bears a disturbing resemblance to his heroine

Anthony Combrexelle bears a disturbing resemblance to his heroine

Anne-So “Echoes of words”, blogger, bookstagrammeuse etc contribution reader groups 20 minute booksI recommend you Own army by Anthony Combrexelle, published on September 15, 2022 in Editions 404.

His favorite quote:

Honey, we’re in Los Angeles, Claudia interrupted. We are in a time when aliens, Roswell and Area 51 are unsalvageable; where the Illuminati, Reptilians, Masonic conspiracies and the New World Order have all but gone out of fashion; where there is daily talk of Big Pharma plots to archive and kill us with drugs and where the fantasy of satanic networks cycles back to excite the spirits. We could film an appearance of God in the twists and turns of our hamburger salad to make people wonder how we faked the video and who we really are. We live in a time when we can say anything and the opposite without arguing.

Why this book?

  • Because’Own army tells us a crazy odyssey Cléo, 19, whose life is turned upside down when she is attacked one evening by a ghostly and terrifying killer. Then three people come to his aid: an old woman in her forties and a girl who wears a dinosaur mask and has a strong preference for firearms. What they have in common: all three of them look exactly like him. She doesn’t have time to investigate the matter because after rescuing her, Cleo is run over by a car and she dies… before coming back to life.
  • Because the trio of doubles will eventually explain everything to our heroine and neither she nor the readers could have expected such a story. Then an eventful journey will begin, and the universe and beliefs of our resolutely modern and reckless heroine will be turned upside down by revelations with terrifying stakes, interesting mythology and, above all, a thousand-year war that she would never have known existed. .
  • Because this novel is full of pop culture references and populated by heroines in an era of time, all as sarcastic, stubborn and brave as one another. If this story does not lack action, discoveries and twists, the author also took the time to build his plot, work on the past and psychology of his characters, and evoke the universe that surrounds them. Therefore, the novel is dense and takes time in its storytelling to build up the tension until its epic and stunning finale.
  • Because the author, Anthony Combrexelle, handles words with great talent sharing with us a multifaceted pen, all mastered, sometimes funny, sometimes sharp, often poetic and always effective. The result: a fast-paced novel that forces us to go through all the emotions and turns out to be horribly addictive. In addition, the author has created a playlist available on several platforms to accompany readers on their exotic journey with the heroines. A breathtaking adventure!

The most important in 2 minutes

Action. Clea’s life is turned upside down when she is almost killed by a ghostly killer, and is saved by three generations of women who look exactly like her. Thus begins a dangerous epic journey of colossal stakes.

Characters. Cléo Constanza is 19 years old and has a bad temper. Bethany is a (very) old woman with hands covered in Egyptian bandages, Molly is a trigger-happy ten-year-old, and Claudia, in her forties, is the one leading this little group.

Places. The story takes place in the United States, mainly in Los Angeles, Canada.

Time. The novel takes place in the present day.

Author. Anthony Combrexelle is a game designer and screenwriter, graphic designer, illustrator and writer. Her first novel, Almost midnightis the winner of the 404 Factory award.

This book was read with the pleasure of Anne-So Echos de Mots, a blogger specializing in children’s and teenage literature. “For me, reading can be as much a personal pleasure to which one runs to seek refuge as it is an excuse for discussions and meetings with other readers. I am a lover of words always interested in new discoveries. »

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