Anthony Kavanagh recounts his difficulties in leaving the animation of the NRJ Music Awards

Anthony Kavanagh recounts his difficulties in leaving the animation of the NRJ Music Awards

Currently on stage with his show entitled Thrilledthe Canadian comedian returned to his experience as host of the musical awards ceremony broadcast live each year on the first channel.

In full promotion of his show entitled Thrilled, Anthony Kavanagh looked back on his experience as host of the ceremony of NRJ Music Awards between 2001 and 2006 on TF1. A television adventure that had suddenly stopped. “I was fed up, I felt that I had done the trick and that I had nothing more to contributehe explained in an interview with Telepro in Belgium. Each year, we had to come up with something even bigger. After six years, I had said what I had to say. I wanted to slow down and come back later. They didn’t kick me out, I even wanted to quit after five years, but TF1 put a lot of pressure on me to continue. »

In 2007, it was Arthur who succeeded the Canadian comedian then Benjamin Castaldi in 2008 before Nikos Aliagas permanently occupies this role of master of ceremonies of the NRJ Music Awards. Five years after his retirement, Anthony Kavanagh felt like he was coming back, but the TF1 host had become essential. “My homie Nikos, that’s his baby nowhe points out. He was the one who invited me to come back this year, he wanted to pay homage to me because it had never been done. » But a few days before the ceremony, Nikos Aliagas had to give up presenting due to a leg injury and had given way to Camille Combal.

Present in Cannes on November 18 to attend the 24th NRJ Music Awards ceremony, Anthony Kavanagh said he enjoyed finding the places and the production teams. “I was shocked because I didn’t know half of the artists of the new generationhe remarked. International artists are gonewhen all the biggest stars on the planet came before. » And if we were to ask him to host the TF1 event again, the 53-year-old Canadian replied that he “would seriously consider it” not sure whether to accept or not.

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