“Anxious” at the thought of children, the star spoke about her struggles!

“Anxious” at the thought of children, the star spoke about her struggles!

Fans Chimene Badi they are waiting. And with good reason, on January 20, 2023, the star will present his new opus in which he will pay tribute to a musical icon: Edith Piaf. A nice project close to his heart. In order to promote this work, the artist continues to give interviews. And this month, the translator of “I come from the south” had a long talk with our colleagues from Closer.

At 40, Chimène Badi is a fulfilled woman. And the star found the source of her happiness without going through maternity. “Not out of a sense of incompetence, but out of a sense of responsibility,” she indicated. Every day, her accompaniment fulfills her to the highest level. “My maternal instinct means that I care a lot about my nephews and I would move mountains for them”, said Chimene Badi. Wanting to be honest with herself, the singer learned to listen to herself and trust herself. It is out of the question for her to ignore her feelings in order to meet the expectations of others.

“I’m just starting to feel solid…”

“I’m just starting to feel solid. Too anxious, I wouldn’t be able to give the child a hand, teach him to become independent and carefree », analyzed the interpreter “Tell me about him”. This decision allows him to focus on important things… And his priority: music. “I found meaning elsewhere than in motherhood. It’s a great luck to continue my careerannounce important goals, but also leave light to spend time with my loved ones »explained the main concern.

Currently, the artist is preparing for his next out of sight tour. She will also be in Olympia on January 22. “It’s been a long time since my heart beat so hard,” added Chimène Badi, who is impatient to find her audience on stage. An opportunity for the artist to present some songs from his latest album: “It is an absolute honor for me because I am performing twelve titles of my idol, the one who shook my young years, who encouraged me to do this job, gave me the courage to go on stage…”.


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