Apolline de Malherbe returns to her altercation with Gérald Darmanin (VIDEO)

Apolline de Malherbe returns to her altercation with Gérald Darmanin (VIDEO)

It was February 8, 2022 and this sequence between Apolline de Malherbe and Gérald Darmanin had made people talk. Asked about his record in terms of security and the increase in attacks on persons, sexual violence or even acts of assault and battery, the current Minister of the Interior had criticized the journalist from BFM TV and RMC for his “simplistic and somewhat populist presentation“after comparing BFM TV to CNews.”Don’t get upset, calm down. No, but calm down ma’am, it’s going to be fine…”had thrown at him what had made the journalist come out of her hinges. “No but Gérald Darmanin, wait pause oh! I beg your pardon, how do you talk to me?“, she had replied in particular.

Friday January 6, 2023, a little less than a year after this widely publicized altercation, Apolline de Malherbe returned to this sequence in It’s up to you. “When I see her, I’m always quite surprised. For me, it was totally unexpected, even almost animal. I don’t know how to say that…“, initially described the 42-year-old journalist. And to add concerning her reaction:” I feel at one moment something that seems to me to go too far. Without even measuring the impact, the image, the scale, I react as I would have reacted in life”, she confided.

Apolline de Malherbe then indicated that she was still frequently told about this sequence: “What strikes me is thateEven today, people talk to me about it almost every day. Women of all ages, all backgrounds, all times tell me in the street: ‘You said something that day that I would have liked to say’. I’m surprised myself.” she concluded.


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