Appeal trial for the femicide of Julie Douib: the accused surrendered

Appeal trial for the femicide of Julie Douib: the accused surrendered

This femicide was all the more shocking because the victim repeatedly filed a report against her future killer.
With a shaved head and thin face, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani (46), dressed in jeans and a jacket, appears before the Court of Appeal until January 27. He faces life imprisonment, a sentence to which he was already sentenced in June 2021, before the Jury Court in Bastia, with an insurance period of 22 years and deprivation of parental care.
I didn’t have a fair trial (because of) the hype surrounding my case.”he stated in court on Friday, referring to “not to confuse justice and revenge” and regretting that they saw him “as someone cold and arrogant“.
The most important thing to me are my children, I haven’t heard from you for four years,” he added: “It’s very hard, harder than being locked up“.
“Certainly, with my gesture, he will no longer hear his mother’s voice”, he admitted. But “taking away from the father is another punishment”: “I will fight, I will never leave my children“.
Denying any premeditation, the accused repeated that he had not “I’m going to kill Julie”. During the investigation, the accused admitted that before he surrendered to the gendarmes, he went to the house of his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had been separated since September 2018, and that he shot him.

“Psychorigidity” and “immaturity”

“My children, this is my life”he also confirmed in front of a psychologist, progressing “accidental thesis“to explain the death of Julie Douib, whom he accused”infidelity”. In front of this psychologist, he explained that he went to see his ex-girlfriend “scare him” and have “do a big shit“.
“It’s exhausting to hear again what he did to Julie and her children,” said to AFP, on the sidelines of the hearing, Lucien Douib, Julien’s father, the civil party with his wife Violetta and son Jordan.
As for the couple’s two sons, who are now 12 and 14 years old, they are not coming to the trial. “They’re worried that one day they’ll come out and take them back.”their grandfather insisted: “Knowing that he still has parental authority, as he appealed, even if we got a transfer of parental authority, it’s hard. He is always present.”
“Justice approved that the father’s correspondence be read only if the children want it, and since they don’t want to hear about it anymore and don’t want to see it, we will move on from that side. But they are tired of being shuffled between lawyers, judges , a psychiatrist“, he explained.

On Friday, the court heard from several character witnesses cited by the defense who spoke about the qualities, particularly of Mr. Garcia-Cruciani’s father. Two of them, talking about events they were not at, were repeated by the president: “At the jury court, we do not rely on hearsay”she let out, scathingly.
Two video clips were broadcast at the hearing showing the defendant attacking his mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s.
When asked, the psychologist explained that Bruno Garcia-Cruciani’s personality is marked “psychorigidity”,little impulsiveness” and from “immaturity” associated with “father’s absence“A father who would be violent towards his children, claims the older sister of the accused.
The thirtieth of the 146 femicides recorded in 2019, this murder led to the “Grenelle” against domestic violence in September 2019. It resulted in 46 measures, including the installation of anti-reconciliation bracelets.

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