Apple offers audiobooks read by AI

Apple offers audiobooks read by AI

Is this the beginning of the end of audiobook dubs? Apple recently used artificial intelligence to play certain audiobooks instead of a human narrator. Needless to say, this project is likely to worry all those whose work it is.

Apple acted discreetly

Therefore, it is possible to find audiobooks read by AI in the “AI narration” tab of the book app on iPhone and iPad. Apple’s manufacturer explains that these are audio books “narrated by a digital voice based on a human narrator”.

According to our colleagues from Guard, the tech giant contacted publishers and promised to cover all production costs and that authors would be paid from sales. Apple would even contact the writers directly through one of its shell companies to be more discreet.

This project is likely to revolutionize the sector. Therefore, publishers could save a lot of money by using this process. But all those whose business it is could lose. However, it is questionable whether the artificial intelligence will be able to get naturalness and bring a human touch to these recordings.

Can humans be replaced by artificial intelligence?

David Caron, one of the co-producers of the largest audiobook publisher in Canada, defends this touch with our colleagues: “Narrator brings a whole new range of artistry to audiobook creation, and we think that’s a powerful thing. They create something that is different from a printed book, but adds value as an art form. »

From your side, what do you think about this initiative and will AI be able to replace the human reader? Tell us in the comments. – the official application of

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