Are you in favor of banning bullfighting?

Are you in favor of banning bullfighting?

published on Wednesday, November 09, 2022 at 10:26 am

Insoums Aymeric Caron’s bill to ban bullfighting will be examined by the Assembly’s Law Commission on 16 November.

Should we, as LFI deputy Aymeric Caron wants, ban bullfighting, in the name of animal welfare? Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau disagrees. This Tuesday, November 8, he judged his bill “not appropriate” because “it’s part of French cultural traditions”.

“The question is not to be aficionados, to like or not to like bullfighting.

It’s part of the traditions”, underlined Marc Fesneau on public senate “Behind there is a breeding industry which maintains, I am thinking of the Camargue in particular, an exceptional landscape and biodiversity”, said the Minister of Agriculture.

“This is a date for many people very popular and imbued with many local cultures. In the moment we are going through, let’s try to listen to each other. We cannot at the same time say, we must respect the cultures, the diversity of each, and on a subject like that, not respect them. I find that this text is not appropriate”, hammered Marc Fesneau, moreover hunting enthusiast.

The presidential majority divided on the subject

The ex-journalist Aymeric Caron, committed to the animal cause, wants amend the penal code which already punishes animal abuse, but whose provisions of article 521-1 “are not applicable to bullfights when an unbroken local tradition can be invoked”. The Insoumis deputy from Paris did not wish to include a ban on cockfighting in his text, to focus the debate on bullfighting, the “torture and death” of the bull, he complains.

His proposal risks embarrassing the presidential majority, divided on the subject. In July 2021, when she was not yet president of the Renaissance group in the Assembly, the deputy Aurore Bergé had signed a platform to ban bullfighting, a practice considered “barbaric”. Present at the “intergroup” meeting of the majority on Tuesday, the president of the MoDem François Bayrou called on the deputies not to vote for the text. “I don’t like bullfighting, but if the text passes, there is no more breeding,” said the mayor of Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

The bill has little chance of succeeding but aims to relaunch the recurring debate on bullfighting in France. “Let’s stop this stigma, of wanting to make people feel guilty who go to bullfights, who eat meat, the subjects are not there”, had already reacted Carole Delga, the PS president of the Occitanie region, where bullfighting is practiced.

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