Ariège: excitement for the Reading Night at the Foix media library

Ariège: excitement for the Reading Night at the Foix media library

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On Friday, January 20, 2023, many activities took place in the media libraries of Foix and its agglomeration. Children and adults could discover books, but also games.

Reading Night is a national event that takes place in all libraries in the area for several days. The Foix Media Library, in Ariège, opened its doors on Friday, January 20, after 6 p.m., to welcome this demonstration whose theme was “fear”.

According to Florence Vaure, head of the media library for the Foix conurbation, “there are several aspects to this event. On the one hand, we currently have an exhibition on loan from the library of the Ariège department. These are albums with large-format illustrations by Fred Bernard and François Roca, who for this occasion also reveal their adventure stories through the reading of one of their books. And on the other hand, there are cooperative games at the table, with a story about ghosts haunting the house and characters to be discovered in a mysterious atmosphere”.

Several groups were formed according to different poles of interest. One for reading in the story room and a few around cooperative games.

Suitable for children

The themes of these board games, especially Mysterium, have gained many followers, thanks to their simplicity, both among adults and among children. As for the latter, the version is adapted to their age with different levels of difficulty. It was about discovering the murderer of a murdered person and whose ghost haunts the house. This guides the players to find it. The children had to guess the clues through the sounds of the drum, the sounds of the hands.

In the group of adults of all ages, many were very satisfied with the game, giving the impression that they have known each other for a long time. – We didn’t know each other before tonight – said one of them. And we find ourselves discovering a new game together, around the theme. It allows us to do things we don’t normally do”. The event continued on Saturday at the Agglo media library in Varihles with a video projection.

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