‘Around the World in 80 Stages’ – book by Vladimir Crescenzo

‘Around the World in 80 Stages’ – book by Vladimir Crescenzo

Vladimir Crescenzo explains that he did not focus on the big world stadiums. “Except Maracana because the view is quite nice and the story interesting, the others are not big stadiums. To select the 80 stadiums, it was necessary to search more than a hundred stadiums, to search the entire planet to try to find 80 spectacular grounds because of their natural surroundings..”

He goes on to say that he worked on this book in collaboration with photographers. “I have not visited all of them personally. But I worked in collaboration with photographers from all over the world. That’s what’s interesting because they know the environment around these stadiums quite well. We had to leave something aside to make the book. And above all to find a balance between the photos and the stories I tell inside.”

Finally, he answers the difficult question about his “favorite” within this paper. “There is one in Marseille, the city I come from is so emotionally important to me.” Condition, “there’s another one I really like,”Pago Park Soccer Stadium” in American Samoa. I have been working on a project for several years, which is to play in the Oceania Champions League with a club from Payment. It is also very sentimental and it was important for me to tell their story, to highlight the football that no one knows. Finally, this is what we find throughout the book and it is the main idea of ​​the book.”

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