as the cover photo of his memoir amply suggests

as the cover photo of his memoir amply suggests

  • The release of Prince Harry’s memoirs has been announced for January 10

  • The cover of the book has been revealed and shows Prince Harry, shot in close-up, as a soldier

  • This would be a message for the royal family

Memoirs of Prince Harry be a part of books the most anticipated among the general public. We only have a few more weeks to go until the book comes out “Replacement” would be planned for January 10 next, according to Gala. A date that has already been postponed because initially this book was planned for this month of November. The reason for this delay would be related to the content since Prince Harry (38) had a lot to say and he did it’s hard to organize everything. What is certain is that the cover of the book will be the same regardless of the edition. Also, while the contents are still a complete mystery to the general public, the cover of the book has already been revealed. This is a significant photo because it represents Prince Harry as a soldierreported by the media.

Although fans and royal experts are scrutinizing every detail as for the content of the book, only the editors and translators know what is happening so far. Please note that the book will be published and translated under 16 different languages. As for the book’s cover, the Duke of Sussex is featured in close-up with “a brown T-shirt with short sleeves and a leather collar around the neck“. This picture (…)


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