Asterix will know a new screenwriter, Fabcaro

Asterix will know a new screenwriter, Fabcaro

The author For, for, for, for will be working on the 40th album Gallic adventures, which is scheduled for release on October 26, 2023.

Comic book series Asterix they will know a new screenwriter on the occasion of the 40th album. It is Fabcaro, whose gift for the absurd has made him a success, the publisher of the famous Galia announced on Tuesday. This album number 40 is planned, as in every odd year, in the fall, on October 26 to be exact, according to a press release from Albert René’s publishing house.

The title is kept secret for now, and the designer remains Didier Conrad, whom Albert Uderzo marked as the successor to the 35th album in 2013.

A character from the imagination of Uderz and screenwriter René Goscinny from 1959, Asterix is ​​a guaranteed bestseller. The latest album, Asterix and Griffin in 2021, it sold more than 1.5 million copies that year, in just over two months.

“At worst, we’ll say it’s less funny”

Fabcaro (in the civil status of Fabrica Caro), 49, author of comics and novelist, is only the fourth screenwriter of the adventures of the irreducible Gal, after Goscinny, Uderz and Jean-Yves Ferri.

He is known for his satires of our society. His great success ZaïZaï Zaï Zaï in 2015, recounted the escape of a man who was charged because he forgot his loyalty card in a store. “I was a big fan of Asterix. It’s a great gift for the kid that I washe told AFP. I want to stay true to the specifications – even if the word is not very nice – or in any case to what makes Asterix so charming. With classic ingredients, such as anachronisms, puns and more. And above all, stay true to the characters».

«From the moment I was offered the project, I very quickly started scribbling, looking for ideas, exploring avenues, and it came very quickly“, explains Fabcaro. And let me add:Sometimes it happens that the authors say: well, I took a risk… In reality, it’s a very relative risk, you have to put things in their place, you’re not even on the front line. At worst, we’ll say it’s less funny».

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The author Broadway, Speech or from Formica, a tragedy in three acts the publisher approached him when Jean-Yves Ferri wanted to focus on another project for the time being. “When I read Fabrice’s synopsis, I was immediately drawn into this story. First because it was funny and effective, then because it seemed to me to be extremely faithful to the codes my father used and set upAnne Goscinny, daughter of the co-creator of Asterix, told AFP. “In our thoughts, first of all, we go to our reading pleasures. Fabrice is someone who makes us die of laughter. I’m a huge fan!“, added Céleste Surugue, general manager of the Albert René publication.

Another event in 2023 for Asterix will be the release of the film on February 1st Middle Kingdom directed by Guillaume Canet.

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