At 7, he shares his blind daily life on TikTok

At 7, he shares his blind daily life on TikTok

Souleymen tells on his page how he manages to do many activities with his disability.

“Hello my name is Souleymen, I am blind”. On the Tiktok channelthis 7-year-old boy and his mother Yamina recount the blind daily life of Souleymen, between homework in Braille and sports activities. His page began racking up hundreds of thousands of views last October, after a video was posted in which the child addresses people walking their dogs.

“Hello, my name is Souleymen, I’m blind”, he begins, “To the dog masters, I would like you to pick up your dog droppings because it is very unpleasant to walk on it”, launches the child .

With her Tiktok account, mother and son want to “show that despite the disability we can still manage to do lots of things, we can be passionate, have activities, that one does not prevent the other”, says Yamina at BFMTV. “Of course it’s more complicated, you have to adapt, but it’s not impossible.”

congenital glaucoma

In the various clips posted on his page, Souleymen explains how he uses a tablet without seeing, how he does his homework in Braille but also how he practices climbing, swimming or even blind football (football without sight).

At school, he is helped by two AESH (accompanying students with disabilities), one in the morning, one in the afternoon. “They adapt his work to him, they help him”, says his mom in one of the videos published online. “He also has braille teachers who adapt all the work to him in braille, so he reads and writes braille.”

In a video, his mother explains that the little boy suffers from congenital glaucoma in both eyes. It is a “rare disease”, explains health insurance. In October 2021, Souleymen had to have his left eye removed, “so they removed his left eye and right now he’s wearing a prosthesis,” says Yamina.

Souleymen has undergone more than thirty operations since his birth. Today he perceives a little bit of light with his right eye, especially the differences between day and night.

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