At the Accor Arena, Damso and his fans did dirty

At the Accor Arena, Damso and his fans did dirty

Thursday evening, Damso is reassured: no match of the world Cup does not disturb his concert. The day before, the Belgian rapper had to announce to his fans the results of France-Morocco live. “We are in the final, we are final”, ended up chanting the pit. This time, Damso has everything Bercy for him and the public’s attention is riveted only on the stage. His fans forget finally the Blues a few moments to follow Lyrics (to perfection we must admit) despite the speed of the Dams.

It’s hard to miss the rapper’s stage presence, but also the scenography imagined for the QALF Tour. The illustrations are impeccably worked, taking up the rapper’s universe. All this aesthetic is punctuated at times by large flames (which have the merit of warming the chilled audience).

Travel Travel

The timing is millimeter and does not leave a moment of respite to the public. The music is linked and everything is square. The organization gives the impression of a play in several acts. After the introductory act, Damso moves on to a part which bounce. “Do you want to travel? “, he asks before launching a large sequence of afro-beats.

Then, quiet time, the one for Complaining. The voice of his son in the introduction Two sea stars transports the room. Damso lands on his stool, a starry night appears behind him. Everything is fine. Paris finally calmed down.

Fans mixed on guests

We must admit, there is this part dedicated to featuring which left us skeptical. The Exploits follow one another and the guests cannot always be there. And that’s normal. We watch them on the screen, but ultimately the audience follows the lyrics anyway. “It was not my favorite moment of the concert”, even admits a fan leaving the crowd. Neither did we, but hey, everyone hummed anyway instead of Disiz.

On Thursday, the two guests Gazo and criminal Kalash somewhat disappointed the fans. “Gazo was shit live. There was a huge gap between Damso and him,” admits one of them bluntly at the exit of the Accor Arena. Others, on the contrary, are delighted. “It was the guest I wanted”, exclaims one of our neighbors during the concert before resuming the Lyrics with the two rappers. There will be something for everyone.

Who likes like follow from Lyon to Paris

At the end of the concert, the public is delighted. “He really did all the songs I wanted,” enthuses a high school student who came to see the concert. Before confessing: “If he hadn’t done Morose in the end, I would have been disappointed”. Among the fans, we also find Alice who knew the concert by heart. And for good reason, she was already in the public during her date in Lyon, mid-November. “But during this concert, his back hurt and he really seemed to be in pain,” recalls the 30-year-old.

This time, the Lyonnaise is happy to find Damso in great shape. “There, I have the impression that it was a different concert when it was the same track list. Maybe the sound was changing from at the Tony-Garnier roomthere it was stronger”, compares Alice. But besides, what’s the point of coming back to Paris when she’s already seen the concert? “In Lyon, it’s not the same. For example, there are never any guests on stage. I don’t really know why, but they never come,” she laments.

This Saturday evening, Damso will find his audience for his last Parisian date before granting himself a little winter break. Next stop of the day: Canada at the end of January.

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