At the Brive (Corrèze) book fair, authors play at home and “it’s just luck!”

At the Brive (Corrèze) book fair, authors play at home and “it’s just luck!”

Does this name mean anything to you? Maybe you were one of his students at Arsonval High School, in the center of Brive. Corinne Champougny has been teaching French there for years.

“Some people come to me at the book fair, confides this author who has already published about fifteen novels and participated in ten book fairs. It’s nice. It allows you to see what former students have become.”.

This year, he is signing his latest novel, And why not the island of Aix? (Editions du Petit pavé), one of its cardinal points, with the docks of Ajaccio or the markets of Brive-la-Gaillarde. Release in rather special conditions: placed between Olivier Véran, the government spokesman, and Marc Levy, one of the most famous French novelists, Corinne Champougny feels “a little crushed” but not impressed: “Many readers or readers who have followed me for several years they come to me at the book fair. I’ve even met people who came from Strasbourg or Brittany on purpose! Many people are happy to meet an author from Corrèze. I think that’s a plus. They want to discover something else with people.”

Eighth novel for Corinne Champougny (October 2013)

Joffrey Lebourg

From his adolescence he created a literary universe commensurate with his seemingly boundless passion for the fantastic. 25-year-old Brivist author, Joffrey Lebourg is one of the children’s authors, in Espace des Trois Provinces, for the 2nd volume entitled The mouth of hellfrom the so-called series Seven relics (Authors, books).

adventure,humor, magic, courage, friendship… and the 3rd volume already scheduled for February or March 2023; “I like to play at home, explains the young man who often visited the Book Fair as a visitor, before going to the other side. Here we meet loyal readers, who return almost every year. Some come far and I admit that it is nice. It is and the opportunity to talk with other children’s authors. I’ve known some of them forever.”

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A high school student in Bossuet, Joffrey Lebourg has just published the first volume of Chroniques des Gardiens (June 2014)

Maeva Bigourie

This book fair is the first for this native of Usselc, who dared to speak and write a book that will reveal a childhood ravaged by incest and, above all, dismantle the mechanisms of influence, loneliness and apathy of those around you.

Released in October Reborn after incest (IGB) is the culmination of the slow personal reconstruction of this woman at the head of several photography studios.

“The reception of this book is beyond my expectations, admits Maeva Bigourie. And this is also confirmed at the Book Fair: a lot of goodwill, interest… I even saw health professionals coming to see me”.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the book was donated to the BNI Fond’Action Foundation for helping children. Maeva Bigourie hopes to keep going. She says she received a letter from Brigitte Macron, who was sent a copy of the book. His fight against incest is far from over.

“What makes it possible to get out?”, incest victim Maeva Bigourie testifies to break the taboo (February 2020)

Louis-Olivier Vitte

“At the Book Fair, first of all, you meet loyal readers. Over time, almost family relationships develop. Sometimes, when I make a dedication and ask for a name, I get the answer: the same as last year!

Lyrics by Louis-Olivier Vitté have a valuation. The Brive Book Fair is almost his home: he hosted it from 1997 to 2001, the year he first participated as a writer. He has been coming every year since then.

Cataloged as a regionalist author, Louis-Olivier Vitté would like to break away from it, for example with his detective novel, Stop your carriage, Stanislas (My limousine). But he naturally quickly knows how to regain the advantage: his booklet My little stories from Xaintria it is a favorite among lovers of this natural region in the south of Corrèze. Another part will be published soon, this time about the land of Uzerche. “Here I am on the conquered ground”, agrees the author.

In the footsteps of the Dordogne, when it was avoided by the town of Beaulieu (Corrèze) (July 2019)

Laurent Delmont and Charles Dellestable

After sharing the desks of Arsonval College in the early 1980s, Laurent Delmont and Charles Dellestable from Brive found themselves side by side at this 40th book fair at the Monédières stand to present their books.

It’s not entirely a coincidence since Laurent Delmont (on the right in the photo) advised her editor to read her ex-boyfriend’s second novel she published: “It’s funny to be together after all these years.” Both have a common point of passion for writing, a passion that is far from their profession.

“I started writing in 2008 during a writing workshop, says Charles Dellestable, tax inspector of the Limoges department. I needed to be guided, I was afraid of a blank page. I published my first novel Paradise 05-40, at Lattès 2013 and won the New Talent award. Writing allows me to find a certain peace of mind, a real false ease to protect myself from today’s very cruel and cruel world. In the novel, I create the universe and indulge in my characters.”

In his novel Showcases in progresspublished on the first day of the fair, Charles Dellestable introduces the writer and former actress to “reflect on the fragility of celebrity.”

Sillages, Laurent Delmont’s eighth novel published in 2017

Another atmosphere in the novels of his former friend from college, now a pharmacist in Agen: “I am more nostalgic, explains Laurent Delmont, who has published ten novels since 2004. I return to families, distant friendships, evaluate what we have achieved, what we lacked. Topics dear to Denis Tillinac, whose books gave me a taste for writing.”

His last novel More days he paints a portrait of four childhood friends on their 50th birthday, “at the moment when life passes to the other side, on the threshold of metamorphosis. It should have come out before Covid, and Denis Tillinac did the foreword (before his death in September 2020), a tribute to me .” Apart from the pleasure of writing, Laurent Delmont appreciates salons “for meeting readers and authors”. And in Brive, meetings necessarily have a special flavor.

Eric Porte and Christine Moutte

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