At the Maison de la radio, the ground collapses in the middle of a concert

At the Maison de la radio, the ground collapses in the middle of a concert

The drama occurred during a festival organized by Radio France. Luckily, the collapse of the ground caused only minor injuries for a dozen spectators.

MISCELLANEOUS – The Maison de la radio hosted the Hyperweekend festival this Saturday, January 21 in Paris. But the musical evening quickly came to an end after the collapse of part of the slab under the feet of a dozen spectators. 12 minor injuries are to be deplored according to the police headquarters of Paris.

A floor slab collapsed. For security reasons, the space is closed to the public. Security services are on hand to make sure everyone is ok “, quickly let it be known French Radio in a tweet sent on Saturday evening.

The accident happened when rapper Nes was starting his concertaround 10:30 p.m. On various videos of the evening posted on social networks, we can see the evening in full swing, before a heavy silence settles in the room.

First surprised, the rapper first believes a joke before becoming aware of the situation in the face of the dismay of the public, as evidenced by a video filming the events for two minutes. ” It’s crazy, I’m sorry. I do not know what to do “, then expresses the artist in front of a crowd trying to help the spectators to get out of the hole of about 1 meter 40 caused by the collapse.

Contacted by The Parisiana witness present at the evening explains “ that there was a pogo “where the slab gave way” under the weight of the spectators “, as the prefecture then informed.

VIDEO – We followed the inspection of a building by experts

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