At the “Star Academy”, Anisha named alongside Julien, Stanislas and Tiana: “She exaggerated everything”

At the “Star Academy”, Anisha named alongside Julien, Stanislas and Tiana: “She exaggerated everything”

Six weeks of lessons is a short time. And the teachers of the “Star Academy” of TF 1 decided not to spare the candidates. For their third assessments, the last eight students in the running had to face some surprises. Already that of their song, discovered only one hour before passing in front of their instructors. Then for an improvisation of your choice of dance or theater, but again on a theme drawn at the last moment.

And inevitably, not being able to rehearse for hours and hours could have disturbed some good students. Notably Enola, disappointed with her assessment. “You see that I shit myself! “, she regretted, on the verge of tears, with her friend Louis. However, the Bordelaise escaped the nomination. Contrary to Julien, designated for the third time. “Sick as a dog”, by his own admission, he completely forgot the words of “Lucie”, by Pascal Obispo. To the dismay of dance teacher Yanis Marshall, judging that he had not worked hard enough.

Tiana ‘didn’t understand the meaning of the song’

Stanislas is also in danger again, penalized by a mixed interpretation of Amir’s “Long time”. “He made all the mistakes: he messed up the text, he messed up the tempo, he was wrong,” said the director, Michael Goldman. Same thing for Tiana on “I come from the South”, by Michel Sardou, in the version by Chimène Badi. “She did not understand the meaning of the song”, regretted Adeline Toniutti, singing coach.

Finally, former top of the class, Anisha finds herself on the bench for the first time. His version of “In the sun”, by Jenifer, really did not seduce the five judges of the day. “She exaggerated everything,” regretted her singing teacher. Even if the hardest was Yanis Marshall. “I didn’t understand, he was annoyed. It sounded like me at karaoke. I really wanted it to end. »

But before learning their nominations, the students were able to meet the imitator Michaël Gregorio. “I’m very moved to be there, to meet artists at the dawn of their careers”, confided the latter when discovering the students. Some candidates are very good at imitation, like when Louis parodies Celine Dion or when Tiana apes Shakira. However, the funniest are the copies of their little comrades. Impossible not to succumb to Stanislas in the skin of Chris or Léa in Enola, madly in love with her “Boubou”.

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