Attention, one of the most popular series in the world will no longer be visible in streaming from January 1st!

Attention, one of the most popular series in the world will no longer be visible in streaming from January 1st!

Did the House of the Dragon series make you want to dive back into the Game of Thrones universe? Well, hurry up because the series is living its last hours on OCS…

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This is very sad news… A lot of HBO content will no longer be available on SCO from Sunday January 1, 2023. You therefore have less than 48 hours to complete the series you have in progress. Among them, the latest addition to the platform Dragon Housewhich could however remain available according to information from the Numérama site because its distribution dates back less than a year. On the other hand, the phenomenon series game of thrones will indeed leave the bosom of OCS, a drama for thousands of fans who are currently watching the program… And for the moment, no other platform offers the eight seasons of this series which marked the 2010s. If you missed this iconic series (and you managed not to get spoiled), it’s unfortunately too late to get started, even if you get started now by leaving your screen on 24 hours a day. 24.

game of thrones : What is it about ?

While waiting to find out if the series will eventually return to a streaming platform, know that game of thrones follows nine noble families as they vie for control of the Iron Throne across the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. War becomes inevitable, while even more worrying threats hang over these lands. Meanwhile, indeed, ancient forgotten mythical creatures return to wreak havoc.

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Where to watch HBO series in France?

The disappearance of HBO’s flagship programs is a big loss for OCS, which forged much of its identity on the prestige of titles like game of thrones, Westworld, Dragon House or The White Lotus… If OCS risks losing subscribers, HBO, on the other hand, should have no trouble finding a buyer. It is also extremely likely that HBO programs will appear on another platform quickly, but that the new broadcaster will not communicate on it out of respect for the OCS contract. The American channel also plans to launch in France in 2024 its own streaming service, and it seems widely possible that it will recover the exclusivity of its programs on this occasion.

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