Aucamville. For the first time, books are celebrating

Aucamville. For the first time, books are celebrating

In this year-end period, Aucamville decided to put the book at the center of the original event. At the suggestion of the culture commission, the first edition of “Aucam’livres en fête” will take place on Sunday, December 4. The event will bring together various actors from the municipality, heads of the Luciano Sandron media library, early childhood services and youth education services. A day of fun, creation, games, music and surprises around a children’s book. The program includes Arabic calligraphy workshops, readings for children, creative workshops, origami, board games, book sales and many more surprises to discover… Children will therefore be actors, all day. , Letter to Santa workshop, Christmas tree making workshop or zero waste creative workshop with Les Ecolubies association. Children from the school choir will perform songs in a Christmas atmosphere. A day where reading, poetry and dreams will be part of the celebration in the corridors of the Georges Brassens village hall as well as in the media library.

“Aucam’livres” in celebration, free event and open to all, Sunday 4th December from 10am to 5pm. Catering, sweets and refreshments, on-site sales.

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