Axelle Red makes rare secrets about her three daughters: “They are very hard on me”

Axelle Red makes rare secrets about her three daughters: “They are very hard on me”

Axelle Red returns to the front of the stage with a Christmas-themed album. The one who usually keeps her secret garden confided in her relationship with her three daughters.

A few weeks before Christmas, the Belgian singer Axelle Red released their new album The Christmas Scrapbook. In this very personal opus, started during confinement, the artist shares a title with his three daughters. Usually modest about his personal lifethe interpreter of Sensuality indulged in a few confidences about her relationship with Janelle, Billie and Gloria. In an interview with Cine TV Revuethe beautiful redhead said: “[Mes filles] love me and tell me that all the timebut as soon as there is something wrong, they do not miss me”. She completed: “They are very hard on me.”

Aged 17, 19 and 23, the young women listen “songs” of their mother “silently”. Despite their silence, they have a lot “of admiration” for Axelle Red and her husband Filip Vanes. “They see us as a whole, a team”confided this fulfilled mother. The interested party analyzed: “I believe that they will need more than others “break” the model of their parents.”

“The Covid broke me”

Axelle Red’s album has been available in stores since November 4th. This opus is a composite of “unexpected songs” and “funky”. Compound during confinementits creation was a breath of fresh air for the singer. The Covid broke me psychologically! […] My sector has been banned from working… My husband [NDLR : et son directeur artistique] saw me extinguished”remembered the artist. She acknowledged: “This album regenerated me.”

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