Axelle Red “psychologically broken”: how her husband managed to regenerate her

Axelle Red “psychologically broken”: how her husband managed to regenerate her

This Friday, November 11, Axelle Redthe interpreter of the titles Sensuality or My prayer made a comeback with a Christmas album titled The Christmas Scrapbook. Everything is in the title ! This disc marks the great return of the 54-year-old singer to the front of the stage after a few years of absence.

Like many people unfortunately, Axelle Red could not escape the Covid-19. This is what she confided in an interview to Cine TV Review (on newsstands this Thursday, November 10). “Covid broke me psychologically!she asserted. I was very affected because this first surge of solidarity very quickly turned into an accentuation of discrimination. With this term “discrimination”the 54-year-old singer refers to the fate reserved for the world of culture at the height of the pandemic. “My sector has been banned from working”she noted.

The three daughters of Axelle Red very admiring of their mother

In this interview, Axelle Red also explained the role played by her husband Philip Vanes, who played a considerable role in the artistic metamorphosis of the singer. “My husband saw me extinct. He is also my artistic director and he proposed this idea to me. This album regenerated me”she testified. Met in law school, Axelle Red and her husband have become parents of three girls aged 17, 19 and 23, who, despite their deep admiration for their mother, know how to be very tenacious towards her: “They listen to my songs in silence, it’s funny. They have a lot of admiration for me and also for their father, they see us as a whole, a team (…) They love me and tell me everything time, but as soon as there is something wrong, they don’t miss me! They are very hard on me”told Axelle Red to Cine TV Review. In any case, his latest album is a good opportunity to celebrate Christmas with family and music!

The full interview with Axelle Red can be found in the latest issue of Cine TV Review (see slideshow).

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