Aya Nakamura VS Beyonc, she insults a fan

Aya Nakamura VS Beyonc, she insults a fan

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Aya Nakamura is about to ignite Bercy. The most expensive French star in the world will full house the Accor Arena from May 26 to 28 for three concerts that sold out in a few hours. A success that prompted some fans to ask her why she had not booked the Stade de France to meet the huge demand. But the interpreter of “Baby” he do not like the Arne de Saint-Deniswho welcomed Indochina, cold game, Ed Sheeran or Lady Gaga last summer, comparing the atmosphere to that of a football match: You arrive, people are spaced out, it’s super big, you have to find your place, it’s not the same mood, it’s not the same atmosphere . She says she prefers human-sized rooms: I go to Bercy, Znith, I’ve done everything, and I think the best idea is Bercy. This is even why some people do it several times .

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“Don’t get hot!”

But if Aya Nakamura has not scheduled the Stade de France, it may be for a very simple reason: on May 26, Beyonc will perform in the Saint-Denis stadium as part of his “Renaissance World Tour” event tour. Either the same evening as Aya Nakamura Bercy! A surprise but also a disappointment for the fans of the two artists who will have to make a tough choice. On social networks, many are amused by this coincidence of planning and wonder if they will still be able to attend the two shows. Others are more virulent, the image of a certain Anttanasia on Twitter. In a message, the Internet user attacks the teams of Aya Nakamura whom she treats of fools for having organized his concert the same evening as that of Beyonc.

On the other hand, Aya’s team are such idiots. How can you agree to do a concert on the same day as a Beyonc?? The choice is catastrophic she cried, visibly nervous. A rant that went up to the ears of Aya Nakamura… who hastened to respond to him on his Twitter account, followed by 1.2 million subscribers. And the interpreter of “Pookie” wanted to reframe it schement: This bitch takes me for phenom Raven .. I don’t get hot . For those who may have forgotten, “Phenomenon Raven” was a series from the 2000s where we followed the young teenager Raven Baxter, who had the gift of seeing the future. Understand here that no, Aya Nakamura was not aware of Beyonc’s arrival at the Stade de France. But she still offers a deal to the American superstar: Beyonc I hope your concert lasts 4 hours we will ALL go see you after my concert I told you . The interpreter of “Break My Soul” will she keep her promise? See you on May 26 at the Accor Arena… or at the Stade de France according to your tastes!

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