basic gifts that you can offer to those close to you

basic gifts that you can offer to those close to you

Love books that you can personalize for your significant other

Personalized books are a gift that comes from the heart, it’s a way to express your passion, to talk about your love and evoke memories. What could be better than doing it with Hourra Héros, the reference publishing house for personalized books. Creating a book is easy and fun, with many options and stories that allow you to create a unique book that looks just like you. ” We ensure that our books convey moments of sharing and complicity. This makes them popular, especially for Valentine’s Day », explains Guillaume Dejardin, the company’s director of communications. And indeed, with work 10 reasons why I love you “in a gentle style or with sulfur” Paul and his little imperfections that Lucie loves which humorously evokes the small flaws of your partner, and love books they are original gifts for lovers.

Relive the relationship with your pet

If Hourra Héros offers personalized books for adults, the publishing house is full of surprises, with a book that contains a child with his dog or cat ! However, according to Guillaume, many readers who order this book are actually adults who want their book with their animal and who like to pretend they were when they were little. In this book, you can customize a dog or cat with hundreds of options, and the adventures are very fun “. So it’s a bit of magic and memories that are revealed, page after page, story after story.

Tell the story to your mother

A true token of love, personalized Hooray Heroes books are also a very good idea gift for mom. Indeed, Hurra Hero developed a collection of books for his mother, including the book ” I love you mom “. In this book, a child, whatever his age, tells his mother why she is his heroine, how she saw her through the eyes of her child. Launched in 2022, this book is filled with nostalgia and allows you to tell your mother simply and emotionally “I love you” was the main gift on Mother’s Day.

Printed in France and Germany on very high quality thick paper, Hourra Héros personalized books are more than a book, they are an experience lived with tenderness and love.

Hooray hero:

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