Batgirl’s Cancellation Was Overblown For Nothing, Warner Boss Says

Batgirl’s Cancellation Was Overblown For Nothing, Warner Boss Says

The cancellation of the film bat girl created a wave of indignation and incomprehension, but the boss of Warner affirms that it was really not so serious, and that all is well.

In the long, long series of DC/Warner problems, the outright cancellation of the movie bat girl was the icing on the cake. There had been a shovelful of announced and forgotten projects (Gotham City Sirens, Cyborg, Beaten down, Static shock, night wing, Mortal Blow, Lobo, gold booster, new gods…), there had been chaos Justice Leaguethere had been the textbook case Snyder Cut alias Zack Snyder’s Justice Leaguebut the decision to throw away an almost finished film is unprecedented. Because bat girl was in post-production, and had cost around $90 million (about as much as Birds of prey).

Since then, all eyes have once again been on Warner Bros., undergoing restructuring in 2022 as Warner Bros. Discovery (merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc., television studio). bat girl has officially been canceled for tax reasons, following these changes in direction and strategy. black adam will he fill the coffers thanks to Dwayne Johnson? the flash will it be released as planned in June 2023 despite Ezra Miller? blue beetle will it be thrown away like bat girl ?

Lots of questions, but no panic, apparently. A boss from Warner Bros. Discovery ensures that everything is fine, and that the cancellation of bat girl is not serious at all.

DC fan when he opens a news on Warner

Bad buzz from BATGIRL

Coming to fulfill his mission as spokesperson at the Bank of America Media, Communications and Entertainment conference, the financial director of Warner Bros. Discovery, Gunnar Wiedenfels, didn’t hesitate to play things down, with dizzying aplomb.

He explains that the case bat girl didn’t deserve so much attention, and the situation was blown up by the media :

“For me, it was a bit over the top, in terms of attention. The point is that, moving forward, we’re spending more on content than ever before in the history of these two companies. We continue to make substantial investments. We will do them differently. The media like to talk about the media, I imagine. I don’t think that’s unusual.

We are a creative industry, and one of the aspects of creativity is that there are views and decisions about the potential of certain things. Clearly, it takes a lot of courage to change course, and to make changes quickly because we didn’t agree with the direction WarnerMedia was taking.”

Justice League : Photo Ezra MillerFlash news: everything is fine, thank you goodbye

hope black adam

The gentleman’s nerve goes even further:

“We have a healthy relationship with talent, and we provide one of the best platforms in the creative space.”

After Ray Fisher accused producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg of toxic behavior during Justice Leaguethe catastrophic re-editing of several films (Justice League, suicide squad), and the departure of Christopher Nolan who did not appreciate the strategy-forcing of simultaneous release of films on HBO Max, there is something to laugh about. And/or imagine that Warner Bros. Discovery could soon open a Warner Comedy Club branch.

Nevertheless, Gunnar Wiedenfels assures that the DC Universe will not be rebooted, on screen or behind the scenes. It’s just to bring “a new team”to give a vision to all this little world. The studio is still looking for a new mastermind – knowing that Dan Lin, in pole position, has ultimately declined.

Next goals of the ogre Warner Bros. Discovery: save three billion, merge HBO Max and Discovery+ during 2023, and ensure that all entities (Warner Bros, HBO, Turner, CNN and Discovery) coexist.

Until then, the exit of black adam the end of October will be decisive : a big success would give a boost to the DC brand, especially since the film is supposed to open a new part of the universe with Shazam and the Justice Society of America ; and a failure would be another nail in that Expanded Universe ambition.

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