Become an online coach: books to see things more clearly

Become an online coach: books to see things more clearly

Online training is very numerous and of very variable quality. However, it is a market segment that is constantly developing and opens up significant opportunities for everyone who wants to start a new educational activity. With the establishment of a personal training account (CPF), the users are very numerous. An overview of a few titles to consult before starting.

Since the health crisis, it seems very easy for any trainer to switch to online activity. Indeed, when we worked in this field for a while, we were able to train in distance learning techniques. However, there are a very large number of tools that can be applied to take advantage of the opportunities this market offers.

1- Create and sell online training (€23, 188 pages, Eyrolles, 2020)

Subtitled “A Method for Finding Positioning, Structuring Content, Achieving Recurring Sales”, this book by Nathalie Antonio Giraud is a veritable bible for anyone looking to enter the new but already well-structured online training market. Each online CPF training organization, its niche, its own approach and unique and insightful content. But to build a Personal Training Account (CPF)-eligible offer, you’ll need to meet a whole range of requirements.

This book offers practical answers to all the questions you should ask yourself before starting a business. It will be convenient to go through which platform, offer your training at what price, in what format… Whether your project consists of online conferences or videos, everything is taken into account. The author is the founder of Rêv’elle Coaching, an online coaching company that has achieved some success. Possessing knowledge of web marketing and online education, he has been helping young entrepreneurs in starting a business for some time.

If it is necessary to have a good idea of ​​the competition before the launch, it will not be enough. You have to think about your added value, about what more you will be able to bring to the market where you want to do business. Whether it is life coaching, sports training, music training, language learning, success will come through the intersection of uniqueness, clarity, accessibility, visibility and efficiency.

2- Big training book (€49, 544 pages, Dunod, 2020)

Michel Barabel (Lecturer at Paris Est Créteil) and Olivier Meier (Professor at Paris Est Créteil) here offer a reference work to see more clearly the consequences of the vocational education reforms that have taken place since the 2010s to allow employees to, thanks to a personal account for training (CPF), which is fully integrated into their training throughout their professional career.

The third edition of this book sheds important light on the new face of vocational education. The authors specifically consider the contributions of neuroscience, but also cognitive science and the economics of education in improving the content offered to candidates for training. This joint paper summarizes the professional professions and the outlook for this sector in the coming years.

3- Training engineering (€24.22, 304 pages, Dunod, 2017)

Here is the real guide for professionals, whether they are trainers, consultants or even training leaders. This fifth edition of Thierry Ardouin’s work covers new approaches and new tools available to trainers.

In order to see it more clearly, it will be a matter of analysis, design, implementation and then evaluation of the offered courses. Conceived as extremely practical, this book brings together the testimonies of experts, practical sheets for creating a training plan, and numerous examples. Regardless of your field, you can find keys that will make your training more attractive, but also more effective and educational.

Thierry Ardouin is a professor at CIRNEF (Interdisciplinary Center for Norman Research in Education and Training) at the University of Rouen. He also holds a master’s degree in educational sciences with the topic “expertise and professionalization”.

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