Before Miss France 2023, Sylvie Tellier shares her truths: “You leave and keep quiet”

Before Miss France 2023, Sylvie Tellier shares her truths: “You leave and keep quiet”

From chef to honorary president or “VIP Advisor”... After several years of good and loyal service within the Miss France Committee, Sylvie Tellier presents her boss scarf to Alexia Laroche-Joubert etc Cindy Fabre, appointed director of the Miss France pageant. If she will do well on the set of TF1 for elections to be held this Saturday, December 17the honor of handing over the crown the new beauty queen it will no longer be assigned to him. So for his last year surrounded pretendersthey were accompanied by Sylvie Tellier on preparations in Guadeloupe “to thank the partners”.

Once again, it is no longer up to her to decide on candidates’ outfits, photo staging or even rule changes. “I apply the right to reserve to myself, but I don’t tell myself that I don’t bite my cheeks at all from time to time”, entrusts the business woman to Parisian, this Wednesday, December 14. Because she has “I suffered too much with Geneviève de Fontenay”she refuses it “to judge by new rules”. At Miss France, “go away and shut up”she says.

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For Sylvie Tellier, Miss France is not a job: “I have it in my veins”

And that, even if the competition, “it’s not work, it’s in my veins”. She says she decided to leave. About Alexia Laroche-Joubert, she says: She is a great television producer. We have things in common: we are two women of character. Before insurance:I’m glad it’s Alexiawith its expertise in large programs, which protects this program”.

At the age of 40, the mother of three children feels ready to take on the challenge of entrepreneurship. She jokes: “If I don’t change now, In the end, I was going to put on a black and white hat. Before adding: “I greatly admire the life and self-sacrifice of Geneviève (de Fontenay, editor’s note), but the competition continued to exist after it it will be the same for me”.

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