behind the scenes of his visit to Bergerac

behind the scenes of his visit to Bergerac

Given the author’s popularity, there will be no time for questions and answers, only dedications. And you’ll have to wait in line to meet her and have her book signed.


“I think she will take a few minutes to talk to those who come to see her,” predicts Baptiste Gros, manager of the bookstore. He is someone who maintains a very special bond with his readers. She has an amazing memory and remembers people she met years ago. »

And like every star, this one has its flaws. “It is customary to offer her a very cold bottle of champagne, which she likes to share with her readers. It’s part of the game,” reveals the bookseller who found himself in great embarrassment when choosing a brand.

“He is someone who has a very special connection with his readers”

“We put the question to our customers on Facebook and we got dozens of answers, laughs Baptiste. We are not further ahead. New proof, if needed, that the people of Bergerac are in love with spirits at least as much as they are with French literature.

One hundred copies

In the afternoon, the bookstore expects about 200 people. “His last title is one of the very good Nothombs,” analyzes Baptiste Gros. She had a Renaudot last year, and she has recently seduced many with her media appearances. So yes, we are expecting people. We planned a hundred copies of his last book and five each for all his books in thirty years. »

For a bookstore that would lose almost a third of its turnover due to the construction site after the economic crisis and breakdown from the covered marketthe arrival of the author is “very good news”.

“This reminds people that we are here, and our visibility is reduced by the works”, hopes the boss, who is delighted that he waited “only” a year and a half for the author to be at the signing. “Generally, it’s more like a three or four year wait. »

He hopes that in just over a month from Christmas, lots of Bergers will come and sign their copy.

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